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Shifting to Telegram Might Just Help Your Business' Marketing Efforts

Updated: May 16, 2022

Everyone seems to be downloading the instant messaging app, Telegram, and you may be considering it as your business’ next marketing platform. The audience on Telegram seems to make it the next big messaging app - more than 400 million active users and well on their way to their target 1 billion users by 2022. But how exactly, can Telegram fit into your overall marketing mix?

Source: Forbes

Consider these increasingly popular marketing features in Telegram to optimise your business’ marketing efforts.

Content Promotion through Channels

Let’s talk about how you can start your business’ engagements on Telegram through channels. A Telegram channel enables you to broadcast public messages or content to an unlimited audience - in Telegram terms your channel’s followers are your subscribers.

If you have a product or service to market, your channel will come in handy for content promotion purposes. Unlike most social networks available today like Instagram and the new Facebook for Business, Telegram allows you to carry out content distribution in an instant messaging form, and your content can be anything from images, GIFs, videos, a blog article, and much more. This helps inject your brand’s personality into your communications since you won’t have to be stuck with only creating photos or videos as content.

Telegram also allows sharing files with a maximum of 1.5 GB, and there’s a built-in feature available to compress your files. Your content will be consistent and guaranteed to be in high resolution always. This goes a long way in helping to ensure that content on your channel is of the highest quality, always.

Accessible Way to Engage with Your Clients

Looking at other chat messengers like WhatsApp, you’ve probably encountered a business account when wanting to contact an online shop or a customer service through WhatsApp. But if you didn’t know already, running a WhatsApp Business Account is not cheap and can be very costly over time.

Courtesy of Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Creating a Telegram Channel as a business account is completely free of charge and ads. Whether you’re amplifying a new promotion or sending a quick update to your customers, you won’t be charged a single penny. On the other hand, any marketeer would know the struggle to try to outsmart the algorithm in apps like Instagram. On Telegram you don’t have to be enslaved to any algorithm, hence your only focus is to engage and grow your audience.

Accessibility is paramount in the world of digital marketing, and being on Telegram might just be a tremendous help in generating leads and sales without using expensive ads or platforms.

Personalize with Bots

Telegram might be an interesting form of engagement with your customers, especially with the telegram bots feature. These bots can almost do anything from making your work a whole lot easier as business owners to keeping track of your analytics.

These bots can be more helpful than you think when it comes to your business’ marketing efforts. For instance, if you want to attract more audience and show a little character, you can create stickers with the sticker bot. This becomes a fun way to show your designs and art on sticker form. Starbucks, for example, released a sticker pack called the Starbucks SHIOK! Stickers, a fun compilation of Starbucks jargons for its audience to simply say it with stickers. If you are a creative business, stickers can be another form of your brand’s self-expression to create your own unique communication style to share with your audience.

Source: HYPE & STUFF

Telegram Bots can also enhance your content marketing game; being consistent is easier said than done but bots can make it incredibly easy by doing all the posting for you. If you are on multiple platforms, to begin with, your bots could even post your content across multiple platforms outside of the chat app. Whatever your business’ needs may be these bots are a tremendous help to your marketing and growth.

Telegram marketing is fairly new to the game, but we’ve seen too much frustration in the marketing world where businesses spend so much on Instagram and Facebook ads only to receive hundreds of likes instead of actual sales. As consultants to small businesses, we are always on the lookout for new platforms and Telegram looks promising as the next big customer engagement platform.

While Telegram is a young app, it has shown promise for brands wanting to engage their clients in a more personal and fun way and without the big ad spend. So if you agree with us that a platform this huge with no hefty advertisers as competitors is an intriguing platform to explore, click here to get a deeper dive into telegram for your business.


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